Two-Minute Takeaway: Man’s Search For Meaning

Two-Minute Takeaway: Man’s Search For Meaning

In his first “Two-Minute Takeaway,” Chief Leadership Founder, Charles Celano, covers two important takeaways from Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search For Meaning.

The first takeaway is to focus on what you can control. It is a very important and relevant message in today’s climate. Whether it’s a job, the pandemic or your relationship, often we simply need to take a breath and refocus on the things we can control instead of the things we can’t.

Almost nothing displays this better than Viktor Frankl’s story of living through the Holocaust where nearly everything was taken away from him. Everything except the second takeaway which also ties into the first. You can’t control what other people do or say to you, all you can do is choose how you respond.

When you do these two things you will find that much of your stress and anxiety will subside, allowing you to truly focus, regain power and accomplish the goals you’re striving for.

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