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Modern Leadership Training Programs


At Chief Leadership we provide a suite of high quality leadership training programs for leadership development, specifically for public safety leadership. Through our cadre of experienced public safety leaders, we can share our expertise on a variety of topics that can assist you in achieving your organizational and personal goals.


Do you have a need for the creation of a comprehensive Succession Plan?
✓ We can help with that.


Do you have a need for customized leadership and management training for your team of leaders?
✓ We can help with that.


Have you ever considered a joint leadership development program with your colleagues in City Hall or in the County Offices?
✓ We can help with that.

Leadership Training Courses to Keep You Sharp


At Chief Leadership, we firmly believe leadership is a perishable skill; if you don’t continually train, learn and hone your skills as an effective leader, you may be left behind and the organization can suffer overall. Our consultants not only possess practical, real-world experience as public safety leaders in both police and fire agencies, but they also do not rest on their laurels; they are continuously seeking out best practices in the vast field of leadership from both the public and private sectors.


Whatever your needs are as they relate to leadership development or training, we can customize our program to meet your needs. Each organization is different, each culture is different. We recognize that and we take great steps to make our services tailored to YOUR needs. We do not believe in “cookie cutter” off the shelf training programs. Don’t waste your money or your time with those programs.


If you have either short-term or long-term leadership development needs, please contact us and let’s have a discussion to see if we can add value to you and your organization!

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