Chief Charles Celano (Ret.)

About Our Founder
Public Safety Training and Public Safety Consulting by Charles Celano

Charlie Celano is a seasoned executive and leadership development consultant with nearly 30 years of experience in public safety. As a professional speaker, trainer and coach, Charlie is focused on helping others, especially those in management positions, build personal and professional resilience to enhance leadership success.


Charlie spent 27 years with the Tustin Police Department in Orange County, CA working his way up through the ranks to become the 14th police chief in the department’s 90 year history. Throughout his career, Charlie worked a variety of assignments, including patrol officer, field training officer, narcotics detective, gang detective sergeant, lieutenant, captain and ultimately the chief of police.


Charlie is a graduate of the 258th session of the FBI National Academy for Law Enforcement Leaders in 2014. He also achieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Studies from California State University, Long Beach in 2005 and a Master of Arts degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands in 2009.


Charlie came face-to-face with his mortality in early 2018 when he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition related to chronic stress and poor lifestyle habits. After making significant changes in his life, Charlie has completely turned his health around and now shares his story of resilience and wellness in his private and public safety training to leaders all over the globe.


Most importantly, Charlie cherishes his relationships with his friends and family, especially his beautiful wife, Heidi and his five children, Lauren, Alyssa, Chaz, Anthony and Daniel.