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Terry Black

Teri Black & Company, LLC

Based in Los Angeles, Teri Black & Company, LLC offers premier comprehensive executive search services to cities, counties and special districts throughout the Western United States. Attracting the best talent in today’s labor market has never been more challenging. To meet these unprecedented demands, you need a professional partner who consistently demonstrates a passion for going the extra mile. TB&Co. is Your Local Government Executive Search Solution™.

Embassy Consulting Services

Embassy Consulting Services, LLC

At Embassy Consulting Services, our mission is to help develop and maintain safe, respectful and inclusive communities and organizations. Embassy fulfills this mission by offering, youth leadership programs, workplace investigations and a variety of customized workplace training programs that provide participants the opportunity to strengthen relationships and skills with the goal to improve the quality of their workplace or school environment.



Critical is the leading solution for public safety agencies to effectively enhance their internal communications. With Critical, departmental leaders now stay connected with all of their people at every location to instantly share news and updates, identify urgent issues, and chat through sensitive topics right from our desktop/mobile app.