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Custom Team Building Workshops from Chief Leadership

Are Team Building Workshops For You?


Have you ever been to Team Building Workshops that were actually a “Team Destroying Workshop?”


Have you ever had a Team Building Facilitator talk more about themselves than about the team they are there for?


Have you ever walked away from a team building event where you feel you were never really allowed to dig into the important issues facing the team? It is a feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration.


Unfortunately, we have experienced all of these and suffered through some really bad team building events over the years.

High Quality and Custom Team Building


At Chief Leadership, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality team building facilitation, where members of your team feel psychologically safe to engage and contribute and they end up feeling “heard.” We specialize in creating safe environments where team members can really dig into the critical and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that will ultimately move the team in a forward direction.


We focus on trust building, active listening, effective communication techniques and oh yeah…having fun along the way. Many leadership teams have walked away from our workshops feeling a renewed sense of purpose and camaraderie, built on a genuine trust for each other.


Our team building workshops are not “cookie cutter” off the shelf products. Rather, they are custom designed workshops based on your specific organizational culture, pressing issues, and team dynamics. This is vital to the success of any team building event. It is not a “one size fits all” approach that leads to actionable and effective outcomes.


Our consultants would come into the organization, conduct in-depth focus group interviews, and then custom design a program that will provide the most “bang for your buck.” After the workshop, you will be provided with a comprehensive document outlining the themes that emerged, along with some potential recommendations that could be implemented at a later date to build the team even further.

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