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Chief Leadership’s mission is to help leaders survive and thrive. Founded by retired Tustin Police Chief, Charles Celano, Chief Leadership is focused on providing premier private and public safety training in the form of keynote speaking, executive coaching and leadership training programs.

Welcome to Chief Leadership Training | Charlie Celano's Leadership Coaching, Tips and Advice


What we do

Chief Leadership is a private and public safety leadership training company. To provide effective leadership training programs we focus on four areas of service:

1. Executive Coaching

2. Leadership Development

3. Keynote Speaking

4. Team Building

Do you have leadership gaps within your ranks? Talented officers, but a lack of experience? Are your public safety managers/executives ready to take the next step? Or are you planning your retirement/exit strategy but you need some pieces in place first before you leave the organization?


At Chief Leadership, we can help you navigate these challenges!

Our Services

Chief Leadership’s private and public safety training focuses on the complete picture of resiliency and wellness. Chief Leadership is respected throughout the public safety community because of our commitment to providing premium quality services.

Charlie and his team provide top-level leadership coaching services to today’s public safety professionals. Many of his leadership coaching clients have achieved higher ranked positions within their organizations, as well as a much improved outlook on their wellness and self-care habits.

Charlie can come into your organization and develop comprehensive leadership training programs to bring out the absolute best in your aspiring leaders. This product is not a “cookie cutter” program off the shelf, but rather a customized leadership training program designed specifically for your needs.

Both public and private organizations can benefit from hearing Charlie’s story of resiliency and wellness. He shares the hard-learned lessons of unhealthy coping mechanisms resulting from trauma on and off the job and the resulting impact of emotional, mental and physical well-being. More importantly, he shares how to prevent it from occurring in the first place. His message is one of prevention, stress management, career survival, and thriving in both your personal and professional life.

At Chief Leadership, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality team building facilitation, where members of your team feel psychologically safe to engage and contribute and they end up feeling “heard.” We specialize in creating safe environments where team members can really dig into the critical and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that will ultimately move the team in a forward direction.

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