Going Public Can Break The Cycle

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a vicious loop of bad habits? A seemingly never ending battle that feeds itself in a negative direction doesn’t have to be your future. But how do we break out of the vicious cycle and into the virtuous cycle? A cycle that feeds itself in a positive way, building on each other, one step at a time.

The big shift happens when you GO PUBLIC. Tell your world about your goals, hopes and dreams. Tell your spouse, tell your family or even put it out on social media for everyone to see! This action is not only brave, but it creates accountability for you. You will have people cheering you on and in doing so holding you to what you said you would do. It’s a big, but necessary step to breaking out of the negative and into the light!

So be bold, take that step and go public with your next big goal. Be sure to tag Chief Leadership so we can cheer you on too!

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