Empathy In Leadership

Empathy In Leadership

Are you the kind of person who says hi or good morning to those you pass when you’re out for a walk or run? Well Chief Leadership Founder, Charles Celano, is this type of person and he joins us after his morning run for this week’s “Moment of Clarity.”

Charlie began to get frustrated with other people’s lack of response to his cheery “good morning,” but his frustration led him to make some keen observations.

Often we’re quick to assume everyone is on our same page, but the reality is we have no idea what the other person may be going through in life. Making such an assumption and assigning a negative motive is not only highly inaccurate, but it does not serve you well in being the leader you want to be.

Break out of that negative feedback loop and tune in to hear Charlie’s insight and helpful leadership tips in this latest “Moment of Clarity.”

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