Either All of it Matters or None of it Matters

Either All of it Matters or None of it Matters

The latest police ambush of Ella French and her partner has made Charlie angry. In this Moment of Clarity he takes the issue head on; either ALL of it matters or NONE of it matters!

Charlie was outraged when the world watched George Floyd get murdered, but now is equally outraged as the world stands idly by while our heroes in blue are murdered in the street. He questions where the activism is now?

With almost 200 officers dying in the line of duty this year alone, it’s time we stand by those who risk their lives to protect our communities everyday. Together, we need to be part of the solution by standing up and speaking out against violence on both sides.

If you cannot condemn the violence in both directions you’re not helping solve the problem. It takes all of us to make a difference, it takes all of us to build our communities and it takes equal attention to support our common goal. We invite you to listen in, hear the message and spread it in hopes of creating a united front against violence in our communities.

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